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The Advice of the Ophthalmologist


Vision is important at any age. Children explore the world by means of their eyes, adults make visual efforts at their workplace, the elderly preserve their vision for evenings spent with grandchildren.

We accept clear vision like something natural and notice changes only after the age of 40 years. Some people attend an ophthalmologist for the first time at this age.

In my career as an ophthalmologist, with many years of professional experience, I have encountered numerous cases of late established eye disorders. I strongly support the presumtion that there is an imperative must for early prevention and screening of ophthalmic disorders and refractive errors, in order to give my patients a real chance of having a good vision.

For several years I have focused on pediatric ophthalmology, for the reason that I consider children being a vulnerable category. Contemporary diagnostic devices allow assesment of refraction at a very young age, even under the age of one year. That’s why I encourage you to attend an ophthalmologist in the first year of your child’s life. If there are no concerns or family history of eye conditions, the first visit can be postponed until the age of 3 years.

A correct and personalized therapeutic approach at a young age greatly increases the chances of recovery of the child’s vision and, unreservedly, his / her optimal intellectual development, as well as his / her school performance.

I’m waiting for you at the Optisan Clinic to answer all your questions regarding the health of your eyes.

With kind regards,

Dr. Alexandru Dimitriu


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