AD Vision Therapy treats Amblyopia using a complex software.

We guarantee over 30% of vision recovery within 8 months. This recovery remains stable for lifetime!

The program is addressed to people under the age of 40, as the effectiveness is higher in young people and maximum in children.

At the end of the program, the patient achieves an improvement in visual acuity of at least 30%, and, most importantly, the vision remains stable throughout lifetime (upon the condition the ophthalmologist’s recommendations are respected). It also significantly enhances the sensitivity to contrast and improves binocular vision.

After purchasing the software and installing it on the computer, the patient will join to 6 game-based processes, according to the individual protocol established by the specialist. The home therapy program consists of 12 “games” intended to improve vision. Initially, the targets will be easy to see, but with steps forward they will become smaller and smaller. The objective is to force the lazy eye to see continually smaller and smaller details and improve hand-eye coordination, appreciation of distances in space and enhancing contrast sensitivity.

The first results of the treatment can be seen in one week after the beginning of treatment, you can observe them on the graph displayed by the program. Through AD Vision Therapy, a close relationship between the patient and the physician is established by monitoring of the course of treatment.

You can contact us by mail at or by phonecall at +40 735.515.727. Together with Optisan Clinic specialists you will make an appointment for an initial consultation and investigations.
Then we provide you a personalized home vision therapy program, set up the vision therapy protocol according to your diagnosis, and provide you with all the information needed in order to make the therapy to be effective.

In just 3 months, the patient’s vision will improve significantly.

Throughout the entire period of home treatment you will be monitored and advised by Optisan Clinic specialists.

AD Vision Therapy is a non-invasive program for recovery of lazy eye. Entertaining and interactive, the application is able to recover the vision of the lazy eye while playing. Orthoptic exercise therapy in front of a computer monitor constrains the brain to receive impulses from the lazy eye and to process the information correctly, generating a clear image of the objects.
Our clinical experience has demonstrated that vision therapy is suitable both for children and adult people.

tratament ambliopie copii

Patients who have recovered their vision through AD Vision Therapy program

After initiation of treatment, patients will be permanently monitored by a specialist from the Optisan Clinic for fulfilling the recovery exercises, and for the degree of vision recovery.

Order AD Vision Therapy for Amblyopia treatment

  • DVD for installing the program
  • The patch for eye coverage
  • A ruler for measuring the dimensions of the working monitor
  • User manual

We guarantee vision recovery of over 30% in 8 months.

Guarantee is valid if initial consultation is done at Optisan Clinic!

The AD Vision Therapy program

It’s simple and efficient!

  • The AD Vision Therapy program is very easy to use.
  • The AD Vision Therapy program provides therapy of vision through orthoptic exercises, that use neuroplasticity of the brain, its strong ability to learn or revive, thus making it possible to treat amblyopia (lazy eye).
  • The AD Vision Home Therapy program consists of 12 “games” intended to re-establish the connection between lazy eye and the part of the brain responsible for its image, thus improving vision.
  • Every day, you will automatically join 6 game-based processes. Initially, the targets will be easy to see, but with steps forward they will become smaller and smaller.
  • The objective is to force the lazy eye to see continually smaller and smaller details.
  • During the procedure, the patient will not approach the screen less than 60 cm.
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How does AD Vision Therapy work?

Installation and use of the AD Vision Therapy program


The home therapy program consists of 12 “games” – orthoptic exercises – intended to improve acuity of vision, contrast sensitivity and binocular vision. Every day, the patient will do 6 game-based exercises.

Initially, the stimuli suggested by the exercises will be easy to see but with steps forward, as the vision improves, they will become smaller and smaller. The objective is to force the lazy eye to see continually smaller and smaller details, thus improving vision, contrast sensitivity, binocular vision, and eye-to-eye coordination. While running a procedure, make sure the patient is not approaching the screen less than 60 cm.

Important! Approaching the screen makes the targets larger and cancels the program’s intention.


The first time you run the program you will be asked to enter your name, the start level of visual acuity and the amblyopic eye.

This is the only opportunity you will have to do this thing and it is very important to enter this information correctly, as it will determine the level of startup in Auto mode!

Then press the Continue button

Important: Your doctor will put down this information on the back of the program box when he provides it to you.

Picture3After installation, the main screen will look as follows. From this moment, you can start vision therapy by pressing the Run program button.

Picture4The 6 exercises you’ll need to make that day will appear on the screen, you will have 5 minutes for each exercise. It will take a total of 30 minutes a day.

It is important to do the entire daily program (6 different procedures, 5 minutes each) in one session, without exiting the application. Press the Start button.



After pressing the Start button, you will see an opening screen for the first procedure of the day.
At the end of the scheduled time for each procedure, the program will display the results for that session, along with the results of the previous session.
If you have gathered or exceeded the requirements, you will get a golden star and you will advance your visual perception by half the level, meaning the stimulus will automatically decrease.

Picture6With a simple click, your doctor will be able to review the results of the therapy and, if necessary, change your therapy.
You can also see your performance after each session through the graphics displayed by the program. The graphics also show the increase in visual acuity.

Picture7Monitoring. The program provides a complete graphical analysis for each therapy session, so you can monitor your progress.

The program also keeps an efficient database, that illustrates patient’s progress, performances achieved during the treatment, and the accuracy of completing tasks. Both the patient and the doctor have access to the database.
Thus, the ophthalmologist can monitor and effectively manage patient’s therapy.
More details about home treatment of amblyopia (lazy eye) by means of AD Vision Therapy program you will get when purchasing it.

AD Vision Therapy Program is 100% efficient

We guarantee vision recovery of over 30% in 8 months.

Guarantee is valid if initial consultation and investigations are done at Optisan Clinic!

Amblyopia & AD Vision Therapy Program Patients Support

Hello! I am DANIELA FIZEȘAN – a psychologist specialized in the treatment of Amblyopia – and I am always ready to answer to your questions.

For information on the Amblionet program, please call me at +40.735.515.727 or write to I will answer as soon as possible.

In order to make an appointment for consultation and to purchase the program, please complete the above questionnaire.


DANIELA FIZEȘAN, psychologist
Specialized in treatment of Amblyopia